Why Brazil? Why should I care?

14 million or 23 percent of Brazil’s 61 million children are the defenseless victims, and the numbers are growing. Its European, family-centred Latin roots contradict what is – and should be the life for many of these children.

Life or even existence is tragic for the many homeless children and young teens, whose families cannot support them. Homicides against children, which attracted world attention ten years ago, continue to rise, this according to a congressional study.

Brazil covers almost half of South America and is its largest country. Despite its rich resources and rapid economic development in the past few decades, poverty, hunger, disease, and inadequate services illustrate major inequities between Brazil’s rich and poor. For some there is prosperity and for others, there is misery, injustice, despair, and homelessness.

Brazil is unique

Many countries have similarly tragic conditions for children, but Brazil is unique. Unlike most other countries, once helped to emerge from its present situation, Brazil has the talent and resources to take it from there. To improve upon the situation of its children, it needs a catalyst, and that catalyst is you!