What we do

The Mission of “Home of the Good Shepherd Ministries” is to provide the highest quality of care in a Christian environment, defend the cause of the weak and homeless, maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed, rescue the needy children – recognizing that this is a genuine expression of Christ’s mission and ministry.

To accomplish this mission, the Ministry has adopted a mandate that Christ-like care shall be the focus in all aspects of this Ministry. As we strive to “do unto others as we would have them do unto us”, we shall demonstrate our Saviour’s love as he commanded.

The Home is equipping young lives to succeed, not just to survive. It provides a safe haven for children and toddlers as young as the age of two, who are brought to the Home by the local Judicial Social Service Department. Once within its protective arms, the nurturing’ love, and care in the home addresses the specific needs of each child and helps to make their individual experiences of abuse, abandonment, neglect, or being orphaned a distant memory.

The Home provides all the food, clothing, shelter, education, and exercise that the children need and satisfies their emotional needs. As well, the Home introduces all children to the Gospel of our Lord’s love and saving grace, to meet the children’s spiritual needs and cravings.

Individual needs and talents

We recognize that God has a purpose for each child and individual and gives unique talents and diverse abilities to accomplish that purpose. Consequently, the Home looks to develop each of their talents and abilities. In keeping, the range of occupational skills being developed for the children in the Home includes animal husbandry, agriculture, bookkeeping, and keyboarding as per each child's capabilities. However, since Brazil’s population is mostly (82%) urban and to prepare adolescents to integrate back into their society and develop an aptitude for factory work, the Home even has and provides training on its own modern knitting mill for making sweaters and knitted fabrics.

The Home demonstrates the same brotherly love and care to the employees and families of those, who share in maintaining the “Home of the Good Shepherd Ministries”. In turn, these employees and their families multiply our Lord’s blessing when they reach out and return the same type of caring to the children of the Home.