Kurt & Gudrun Redmann

Founders - Home of the Good Shepherd

As a young person Gudrun (Behm) Redmann’s wish/calling was to go into missions, possibly India, to serve the Lord full time. At 17 years of age Kurt Redmann had a dream, he saw a pond surrounded by yellow bamboo with people drowning in the pond. The skin colour of the people was not black, rather they appeared to be tanned. Kurt was standing on an elevated rock and was trying to rescue the drowning people, at that moment a presence was felt behind him telling him that he needed to be prepared before he could rescue anyone. Continued here >


Randy & Carla Redmann

Canadian Field Representative's

It was 1971; I was 5 years old, and on my way to Brazil with my parents and sister. I was not happy!

I desperately wanted to use my newly acquired hockey equipment and become a hockey superstar, and of course, help my dad in his painting business. Continued here >

Claudenir (Canario) Dal Ross

Years in the Home: 17 years
Date of Birth: 04/07/1967

What was your experience at the Home?
Since my biological parents abandoned me, I consider the Missionaries my parents. To experience and know God was the best experience in the Home. Continued here >

Valdetar Dal Ross

Years in the Home: 14 years
Date of Birth: 27/05/1966

What was your experience in the Home?
I experienced the life of community living. Dividing, adding and subtracting; receiving and giving respect to other people. I learned to live with discipline. Continued here >

Marcio Luiz Gampert

Years at the Home: 11 years (1977 – 1988)
Date of Birth: 12/12/1970

What was your experience in the Home?
I came to the Home at 7 years of age. Everything that I have accomplished in my life is a result of the teaching I received at the Home. Continued here >