How the funds are used

Unlike some organizations, unpaid volunteers provide for various functions to sustain the Home.  All sponsor donations received are forwarded in their entirety to the care of children at the Home in Brazil.  Specifically designated donations go towards projects. The members of the Board donate their time and are not paid.

Please note that the Home will make every effort to utilize funds as designated by the donor. However, in areas where the needs of designated funds have already been met, we retain the right to redirect donated funds to other needy program areas.


How do I know funds are used as intended?

The Home of the Good Shepherd evidences effective governance. The three levels of its effective governance review and scrutiny are illustrated below.

Firstly, The Home of the Good Shepherd is a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). To become a registered charity, it must follow legal guidelines and meet Canada Revenue Agency’s criteria under the Income Tax Act. To remain as one, it must continue to satisfy CRA’s annual audit function and its expenditure and activities compliance reviews.

Secondly, the Home remains within the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC).

Lastly, the management of the Home of the Good Shepherd also reports to a Board of Directors. The Board oversees the Home’s operations and development strategies, using the regular submitted reports from the onsite Field Representative.